Do you believe wig measurements are important ? If you answered YES ! You answered correctly. Our wigs are pre made and come in the average Small 21.5", Medium 22.5" and Large 23.5", if you don't take measurements how can you determine your correct cap size. In order for your flawless unit to fit snug to the head you must know what size you are. Most beginners or even experience wig wearers may not know how to take the best measurements. We are here to help in demonstrating how to take wig measurements for yourself so you can be able to choose the perfect cap size.

 What is a Pre made unit ?

Pre made wigs are made by the universal small, medium, and large circumference size. Measurements are not taken but can be able to fit most head size because it's based on the universal (average) measurements. 

I know you seen this chart numerous of times ! In fact I would send this chart to my customers and in a few seconds they would respond saying I am a "medium".  Then I had to ask "Did you measure your head or choose a size?" basically what I am getting at the chart is to help guide you in the correct direction. Always when taking measurements you want to be accurate, don't round your measurements because you measured 20.5" but a small on the chart says 21.5". If your measurement says 20.5" that is your measurement that extra 2" can make a HUGE difference when it comes to a snug and flawless fit. 

How should my hair be when taking measurements ?

I always suggest my customers to wear their hair how they will when putting on the unit. So if you normally will braid your hair, its best to braid it for accurate measurements. If you would normally just do a ponytail, its best to make sure your hair is super flat and put into a sleek low ponytail. Its always best to take measurements when your hair is flat as possible so you can achieve the best and accurate measurement. 

So what measurement is MOST IMPORTANT? 

For custom wigs all measurements is important, because the unit is being created for that specific person. But, pre made wigs which our company sell the most important measurement is your circumference. The circumference determines the size around your head, and by that measurement you determine which cap size to choose.

How do I measure the circumference ?

First you need a tape measure. We suggest one from a fabric store usually cost $1. You will start in the middle at the front of your hairline. You will start at the very edge not at inch 1. That is first mistake people usually start at inch 1 leaving the extra measuring tape. So now we're at the edge, we then will go around our head  holding firm as possible (not tight or loose) and meet up back to middle, at the front of your hairline. The number you see is your measurement.

What if my measurement is not there ?

Now say for example your measurement is 22" but the cap size available is 22.5", you can be able to purchase because the unit will still fit snug with a little comfortable room. What I won't suggest is your head being 20.5" and you're purchasing a 21.5" that is a huge difference and the unit will be big and uncomfortable

Below I will link a video to demonstrate how measurements should be taken. Hope you enjoyed this blog :).